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 Server Tool - BF2 Command Control - Daemon 1.4.2446

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BeitragThema: Server Tool - BF2 Command Control - Daemon 1.4.2446   Di 8 Sep 2009 - 14:07

BF2 Command Control - Daemon 1.4.2446

Important: First shut down any instance(s) of your BF2 server that you wish to control with the Daemon. If you have any sort of script, loop or tool (Firedaemon etc.) which keeps your BF2 server running, you will need to disable it as well.

(1) Download and Extract the BF2CC Daemon files into their own folder.

(2) You must have the Admin Scripts installed on your BF2 dedicated server in order for the Daemon to work.

(3) Start the BF2CCD.exe file. Ranked servers need to start the Daemon with "BF2CCD.exe -ranked" via a Batch file or a shortcut.
**Linux users see Mono Instructions

(4) The Daemon Config screen will appear (Windows). Point the Daemon to the instance of the BF2 server (bf2_w32ded.exe) you want the Daemon to control.

(5) Specify the IP and Port you want the Daemon to use for incoming BF2CC client connections. You will need to have the Daemon port (default = 6712) open for TCP traffic in your firewall setup. Click here for more information regarding ports.

6) The default admin account is setup with:
User = admin
PW = admin
You can change the default admin password, but it is recommended that you just login to the Daemon with the standard admin account and create yourself a new account. Log back in with the new account and remove the default admin account for security purposes.

(7)Click "OK"

(Cool The Daemon should start up. When you run the Daemon for the first time, it will create a user accounts file and import your serversettings.con file into the default profile.

(9) You will then need to connect to the Daemon via the BF2CC client to setup and launch your BF2 server. Please read the BF2CC Client Walkthrough for instructions.


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BeitragThema: Re: Server Tool - BF2 Command Control - Daemon 1.4.2446   Di 8 Sep 2009 - 23:26

Danke Devil
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Server Tool - BF2 Command Control - Daemon 1.4.2446
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